How to get paid to watch vacation movies in bed

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It’s not just Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas that will be different this year – the entire holiday season will be (or at least should be) a lot quieter. Remember what December was like – between the obligatory holidays and events for a few weeks, so when it came time to celebrate with the people you actually love (or at least tolerate), you were too exhausted to have fun ?

Well, given the stress of the pandemic and the anticipated anxiety over what the Trump administration will try to squeeze in its final weeks in government, we can’t tell you this year will be less tiring, but it there is something that might help. Why yes, this is another “dream job” competition – thanks for asking! This time he is paid for stay in bed and watch vacation movies. Here is what you need to know.

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What the job involves

It looks like you’re on your own for this one – unlike a lot of those dream job contests, you don’t have to post on social media or rate the movies. Of course, by entering you grant Beautyrest « an unlimited, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free right, license, privilege and permission » to use any part of your entry for any purpose. what she wants, so keep that in mind .

G / O Media can get a commission

There are two levels of winners: 100 people will receive $ 100 in Visa e-gift cards; 10 of them will also receive a  Matelas Beautyrest valued up to $ 1,599. The winners will be selected at random by drawing lots on December 7th.

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How to apply / enter

To apply for this position / have a chance to win, email with a one sentence description (maximum 100 words) of the reasons why you deserve a mattress upgrade before 11:59 p.m. EST December 5th. For more information on the competition, check out the rules and the fine print.


How to tell if a colleague likes you

Have you ever lifted your neck two inches higher to fix your eyes above the wall of the office cabinet, only to find a pair of pretty admiring eyes already staring at you? Romance at work is one of the cutest things that can encourage you to go to your desk amid the boredom and stifling deadlines.

In a world where real life collides with virtual and where Tinder dates make us rethink our facility, wouldn’t it be great to have someone to share lunch with in the office canteen or maybe even sneak in for an evening coffee break?
If only you knew that someone in your workplace has a crush on you. Drawing the thin line between « Are they just trying to be nice as a coworker? » and « Do they totally give love signals? » is no longer a mystery. Here are 21 easy signs to tell if a coworker likes you.

1.No matter where you go you run into them

Is it just a coincidence that you have met him four times a day, five times a week in a row? Honey, he’s probably calculated all the probable hours you get up from your desk and take those opportunities to bump into you.
You often wonder how he needs to get impressions when you need to, or what prompted him to go out for a cup of coffee when you wanted to. If he has a crush on you, he’ll always find reasons to walk past you and exchange smiles.

2. They go out of their way to help you

It is always a blessing to have a friend who helps you when you are in a difficult situation at work. But what about more than a friend? Have you noticed that he puts your work first and tries to get you out of any trouble?

Anyone who cares so much about it definitely has a crush. Helping you and keeping you happy makes him the happiest.

3. Any discussion about you quitting your job upsets them

You must have said at least once how frustrated you are with the monotonous work schedule and how much you want to quit smoking and be alone. Have you noticed someone twitching at the thought of you leaving the office? Well, that’s him.

You are probably the reason they decide to come to the office every day, and that means the office is not fun for them without you. Such a real crush holder will not only keep you from quitting, but also send you a list of pros to hold onto your job.

Office romances can be hard to navigate, but when you know the signs to look out for, it can open up a world of possibilities. Another way to find out if a close friend can be a romantic partner is to take this course we’ve found for you! Named How to Find True Love in the Modern World, this online video course from can help you develop the skills to go out with confidence. The course introduces mindfulness techniques to help you bring grace and magnetism to your love life. Find out how it can help transform your romantic life here!

4. More compliments!

A little appreciation for the new dress you are wearing is common. However, if someone finds new ways to congratulate you on a regular basis, they’re probably madly in love with you. Compliments are not only an outward expression of loving, but also a chivalrous way to win your heart.

Notice the one person who never leaves without a hello or telling you to look as fresh as ever, and it’s wonderful to have you there. The best way to find out would be to give her a sweet compliment and then notice the pretty pink blush coming back to your crush bearer’s face.

5. Lots of special treatment

We all need a little extra attention, don’t we? Someone to hold the door open for us, someone to walk us to our cab, someone to walk us to the aisle. It would be really nice if someone brought you a cup of coffee when you want it most.

Well guess what? A colleague who loves you is always on the lookout for things to do for you. If he loves you, get ready to be pampered by this man.

6. Will give you a nice nickname

Watch anyone who suddenly comes up with a nice name for you and never fails to call you by it. Just to be foolproof, check if he changes that name in his contacts on his phone. If he does, you are definitely someone who is always on his mind.

7. laugh at you (a little)

There is no fun without a little bit of teasing. Sometimes it’s easier to get someone’s attention by making them angry and upset than by just being a good talker. He might find new and innovative ways to laugh at you and anxiously await your reaction.

The more you react to it, the longer the conversation lasts for him. Notice who patiently sits in the corner, trying their best to choose a menial fight with you, so they can soothe you and comfort you later.

8. Does not tolerate competition

A little possessiveness goes a long way to fall in love. It is very likely that there is not one, but a lot of people who love you at the same time. It might make you feel like a queen bee, but guys will still see it as a gladiatorial fight to get the girl for himself.

Notice how he smokes when you choose to go out for lunch with another person, or how he tries to plan the evening with you later in the day.

9. Will try to keep in touch outside of work too

A professional colleague will always keep him to the point, and you will never hear from him after office hours. However, someone who has a crush on you will try to stay in touch with you beyond your work schedule.

Ladies, if he insists on being a gym partner, calls you after work, or insists on sharing dinner with you, make sure you are the queen of his heart.

10. Will bring coffee and tea to your office

Work and coffee go hand in hand. Picture this: you are in the middle of a pile of files, and the acute craving for coffee fills you up, but you don’t like the idea of ​​getting up from your seat and getting it. Then an unexpected angel face brings you coffee to your desk.

Incredible, right? The person who loves you will never run out of opportunities to bring you the food / drink you crave.

11. Will try to discover your tastes and your personal life

A professional office life is all about polite smiles, nine to five, then coming home and not seeing the same faces until nine the next day.

But, there is this person who never seems to say goodbye. He will stick around, trying to get to know you and jot down all of your likes, dislikes, family and friends to try and impress you.

12.You will be invited to all coffee breaks

If you can remember a fun time you had in your office, this will likely be one of those coffee breaks you snuck out with a friend, and it took a lot longer than you expected.

A coworker who gives up his huge pile of work and waits to go out for coffee with you is certainly more than just a friend.

13. They urge you to come and work in the field

We often calculate the pros and cons of field trips organized by the office. Has anyone been so insistent that you come on a trip that you wonder, « Why does he want me so badly over there? »

Well, bingo! You’ve found the person who has a crush on you. He probably helped organize the trip, so he could be with you all the way.

14. Try to synchronize his teams with you

It started with you just exchanging smiles at the front desk, and now he’s in the same project and changing with you. Coincidence, you ask? No, he did the basics to appease your elders and rearrange his schedule just to be on the same shift as you.

Of course, he loves you and will go out of his way to see you for longer periods of the day.

15. He watches you (even in group meetings)

Group meetings are not a place for romance. They usually involve verbal knockouts, brainstorming for ideas and minimal conclusions. But if you find someone who is watching you and who supports all of your ideas that are rejected by everyone, you have found the one who is interested in you.

Catch him looking at you among a whole bunch of people, and you’ll know he’s got his eyes on you.

16. Tries to leave his office for lunch only when you do

A lunch partner is the epitome of friendship. But, it is often difficult to synchronize your lunch times to get to the canteen together. A real man never leaves his crush behind. He will probably give up his job to have the opportunity to have dinner with you.

17. You catch her secretly looking at you – a lot!

Eyes speak more than lips! What about the times when you looked away and felt his gaze still on you? The classic gesture of a crush is to look at you as much as possible to help him make a slideshow of you in his mind when he falls asleep. Do you still feel loved?

18. Send signs by body language that he likes you

Still having a hard time spotting who has a crush on you? Now, watch close. Does he lean towards you while talking to you? Is he looking at you while you look away from him? Does he smile at you more than at others? It’s the little things he does to make you feel loved.

19. Protects you from all possible dangers

A workplace is never without problems. There are hundreds of ways to mess up without even knowing it. Sometimes it’s a work-related issue and you wish someone had warned you. Well, crusher to the rescue.
He will never let the queen of his heart be left alone in a problem. He’ll be there with a long list of precautions, which he’ll insist you follow. He will shield you from unwanted attention and do his best to keep you away from any danger he sees around you.

20. Try to be on the same page with you in every discussion

We would all be more than happy to have a friend who supports us in everything we say. But that’s not the case with all friends.

Observe the person who agrees with all of your opinions. You both always end up with the same conclusions. Are you already feeling lucky?

21. He asks you questions about your day even if it’s not a working day

It’s always nice to have someone ask you questions about your day and how you’re doing. Notice your coworker always asking you after you and your dreams? Well, that’s him.

He not only cares about how your workday went, but also how you spent your day outside of work. Such love is just plain sweet when it comes from a person who spends a better part of the day with you and still loves you for who you are.

Wondering how you haven’t seen it before? Well, most of the things that are happening right under our noses go unnoticed. The next time you see someone in your workplace giving you special attention, know that love bells are probably ringing in their hearts. Make sure to take care of yourself, make the gesture sweet with kindness, and let the tiny seeds of love become a strong bond one day.

Take care of yourself!

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How to disconnect your phone number from RCS on Android

If you have an Android phone, you may have an upgraded version of text messaging called “RCS”. This is a massive SMS upgrade, but it comes with some baggage. Here’s how to deregister your RCS number.

When you switch from one device or messaging app that supports RCS to one that doesn’t, you may experience issues with messages not being sent to the new device or app. This problem can last for up to eight days after switching. A similar thing can happen with Apple’s iMessage service.

RELATED: What Is RCS, The Successor To SMS?

To avoid this, Google recommends that users turn off RCS before switching. However, if you haven’t and are experiencing these issues, it is possible to disconnect your phone number from RCS after the fact.

How to deactivate RCS
First, we’ll show you how to turn off RCS while you still have the original device. Since RCS works through the Google Messages app, this is what we’ll be using.Open the Messages app on your Android smartphone and tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.

ouvrez les messages et appuyez sur l'icône du menu

Then select « Settings » from the menu.

sélectionner les paramètres dans le menu

Tap « Chat Features » at the top of Settings.

sélectionner les fonctionnalités de chat

Note: If you don’t have RCS support, you won’t see “Chat Features” listed in settings. Simply turn off the option « Enable chat features ».

désactiver les fonctionnalités de chat

That’s it! Now you can switch to the new device without having to worry about losing messages.

How to disconnect your RCS number

If you no longer have access to the original device, you can still deregister your RCS phone number.

First, go to Google’s opt-out web portal in a browser such as Chrome.

aller à la page de désactivation

Scroll down to the “Without your previous device” section. Enter your phone number in the top text box and click « Send Code ».

entrez le numéro de téléphone et envoyez le code

A text message with a six-digit code will be sent to your phone number. Enter this code in the second text box and click « Verify ».

entrez le code et cliquez sur vérifier

A message will appear saying: « Chat features have been disabled. » It may take a few minutes for the change to take effect, but that’s all there is to it.

Note: “Chat” is the term used by Google for the RCS functionality of the Messages app.